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A 10-Point Plan for Resources (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Discover What Insurance Sales Job May Work Best For You

With tons of insurance options available out there, it may be overwhelming for one to try to determine which kind of insurance job may be the best option. Needless to say, everyone is familiar with car and life insurance. Just open the yellow pages and you will be able to find plethora of agents who are selling such policies.

If you would like to have career in insurance industry, then it is best that you look at some of the available options. Whether you believe it or not, the voluntary benefits segment is the quickest growing part of insurance industry. And similar to other segments of the insurance industry and the economy as a whole declines or stays steady, voluntary benefits just keep on growing at double rates.

Oftentimes, voluntary benefits are sold through employers to which the employer agreed to offer voluntary benefits to the employees at no cost to the employers. Then, the VB providers will make presentations to each and every employee in order to determine what insurance policies they like to buy via payroll deduction. Some good examples of VB products include short term disability, limited medical, cancer insurance and term life.
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One of the best things about this kind of insurance sales is the fact that the employer does not have to pay anything out of their pocket like what they do several times with a group health insurance. The company could save onto their FICA taxes and even to their worker’s compensation cost whether you believe it or not. For the cost of voluntary benefit products, these are deducted already from the paychecks of employees before taking the taxes out. Normally, disability product usually make worker’s compensation claims go down.
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Another well known benefit of this approach is that, employees are found to buy their insurance through the company or employers. They believe that the company vetted the provider of voluntary benefit and because of that, they trust their recommendations. At the same time, it is simplifying their life with the payroll deduction as there’s no need to write additional check every month for another bill.

First sales position in this market is the direct sales rep or opener. They are selling the employer by permitting them to come and make offers of their products to the employees of the company to be able to complement the benefits that the firm has been offering already just like major medical as well as 401K. The commissions for this particular insurance job position are so generous and many companies load up incentives by signing up lots of cases.