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Investing in Toronto Real Estate The Internet has become a very valuable option when dealing with real estate. Almost 75% of Canadians have said that they plan to use the Internet for their next real estate transaction. The value the American dollar holds over the Canadian “loonie” has caused American investors to migrate to Canada to purchase properties over the last few years. If you’ve paid attention to the housing market recently, you’ve most likely noticed that the reason for the enormous growth in property values is due mostly to the influx of migration to the city, along with the low interest rates, versus foreign investment. Properties in Toronto are some of the most sought after in all of North America. Whether you choose to invest in a new condo, commercial property, or purchase a new house for your family, Toronto has it all. If you make the decision to buy a Toronto property, you are certain to live in a city with excellent services, facilities, and entertainment. The housing market in Toronto is mostly based on demographics because there has been a massive influx of over one million people to the greater area in the last decade. Actually, there is still an enormous need for housing for these new residents. Furthermore, the United States real estate market crisis has had homebuyers pondering whether it would affect the Canadian housing market, which has opened the door for speculation on the Canadian market. The housing market has still been setting records for the last five years, despite the United States economic crisis.
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The luxury Toronto real estate market is a great example of how strong the Canadian market is, with million dollar home sales across the greater Toronto area increasing over the 2006 figures. A booming Canadian economy has a lot of suburbians moving back to the city. The prices cannot be raised artificially due to fierce completion, so the people buying homes are mainly families and downtown workforce.
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The existing housing market is doing great, but newly built condos are also in extremely high demand each year. A more significant part of the real estate market has become dedicated to condo sales. The Toronto condo market is an excellent alternative to home ownership for those first time homebuyers or for those who are looking to reduce their current investment. Due to the high cost of Toronto houses, a large percent of the population can’t afford to become homeowners, which makes condos the perfect alternative. If you do decide to purchase Toronto real estate, make sure you hire a professional real estate lawyer. You will want to make sure and get a good interest rate so you can afford your mortgage and avoid foreclosure.