Saw the Apartment, Met the Neighbors and Signed the Lease!

The student loans were paid off, and our lease was up for renewal at our old apartment. There was no way we wanted to stay another year now that we could afford a better place. My wife and I no sooner sealed the envelope with the last check to pay the student loans back when we started looking online for new apartments in Henderson NV. We found The Edge luxury apartments, and we were impressed with what we saw online and had to go out and see it in person.

They have a very nice heated swimming pool. Why is that first on our list of preferred amenities? Well, we both like to swim for exercise. My wife and I have a membership to an indoor pool, and we go year round. So, having a swimming pool right where we live will be very nice. The kitchen has granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. They have an exercise park for pets, so we can finally adopt a dog. The rooms have ceiling fans, and the place has walk-in closets. It has everything we want, and the rent price is just right for all you get. Oh, I almost forgot, there is a washer and dryer in the apartment too. No more laundromats!

This is a real step up, and it was paying off student loan debt that was holding us back. Now we can budget the little bit extra it will cost per month to have a lot more space and amenities in an apartment here in Henderson, Nevada. We really liked the place just seeing it online, and we just had to put a deposit down on a year’s lease as soon as we saw the unit that was shown to us. We also got to meet the neighbors on each side. I just knocked on their doors and introduced myself. My wife thought I was too forward, but the people invited us in and showed us around. They then took us to the neighbor’s on the other side, and they welcomed us too.

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