Unloaded a Property I Never Thought Would Sell

My husband and I never figured we would have such problems with Denver realtors, but that is because we didn’t find the right one for the job. When my husband received a transfer for his job to Arizona, that left us with the somewhat daunting task of selling our home here in Denver. My husband thought the whole process would go smoothly, but I wasn’t so sure. The place we live in is very special and unique and I thought there might be some problems finding a suitable buyer. I thought it would sell eventually, but that it would just take some time.

Even I was wrong. It took a very long time. We went through two separate realtors, neither of whom could find a suitable buyer. The one offer we got was so painfully insulting that we just couldn’t agree to the terms. By the time we decided to look for a third realtor, we were really getting concerned. We were paying on two homes and just didn’t think we could last much longer paying for the Denver place. We got lucky when we finally found a realtor that seemed much different and much better than the previous two.

For example, he really listened to our concerns and agreed that the property was unique and needed a different approach. He promised he would move the property, and move it quickly. Sure enough he found just the right person and he did it in a week! We couldn’t believe it. Not only did he sell the property, he managed to negotiate a sale price that was much higher than we were originally asking. We just couldn’t believe it. We went from thinking we would need to take out a small loan just to cover the mortgage to coming into a small windfall!