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Useful Bathroom Remodeling Ideas that Work Bathroom remodeling is one of the best ways to prepare your house for sale. Bathroom remodels are second after kitchen remodels in increasing the earnings value of your home. But, an individual should not reserve bathroom remodeling ideas for a home to be sold. You can do the bathroom remodel now and know that it will be of benefit to you if the time comes to sell your residence. The home’s bathrooms are rooms which we use the most. Therefore, they experience plenty of wear and tear. Therefore, when you do bathroom remodels, you ensure that your baths look good and function well. There are many ways that you can remodel a bathroom but here are a couple of ideas. Most builders will tell you that four by four-inch tiles are out of date. Substitute them with glazed ceramic tiles that are eight by 13 inches. The new tiles will be attractive and will work in preventing mold. They will also prevent damage to your lower walls by splashes from taps. You could paint the upper walls as part of your remodeling and run a decorative border of tiles between the upper and lower wall tiles, and the painted walls.
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Light flooring that is visible can give the feeling of increased space. If your bathroom remodeling is because you feel that your bathroom is small, you can install 12 by 12-inch light-colored floor tiles diagonally. The light lines and color will offer the illusion of more space.
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Before placing the flooring tiles, think about heated flooring as part of your bathroom remodeling job. Your whole family will love them, and once it comes to selling your house, heated bathroom floors are going to be the greatest selling point. Use your bathroom remodeling project as an opportunity to get free, clean lines. Replace the vanity with a new floating type which does not touch the floor. Select one that has marble or granite counter top. If you prefer the granite after finishing the renovation, your bathroom remodeling project may prepare one for the job of replacing counter tops in the future. You might desire a granite vanity top that has among the newest vessel sinks. Faucets in the bathtub and sink are a good place to start a bathroom remodeling project. Without using a lot of money, you can replace your faucet with Victorian faucets or sleek bamboo faucets that look like a bamboo fountain. Relocating a toilet can lead to a major bathroom remodeling. But, replacing it is an easy job and can quickly offer an older bathroom a new look. If you desire to upgrade your bathroom; further, you can add a bidet. The bathroom remodeling project might require you to hire a contractor.